Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Parrots For Sale

Well, it has been a long time since my last post on here. That has not been because we retired from bird breeding!!! No, far from it! But life has been so busy for the past 10 months that I have found it difficult to snatch a few minutes to sit down and post here like I know I should. So today I have decided to remedy that situation and introduce you to our newest baby parrot chicks that are for sale!!!
First off we have a gorgeous Silver Indian Ringneck Parrot baby that is already learning to talk! He just started repeating "Hi baby!" We have not had him DNA tested so we do not know the sex. (I just say "him" because that seems much nicer than referring to "him" as an "it") I am including several pictures of him so you can see what I mean about "gorgeous"! He was totally handfed and now that he is weaned he is a little sweetheart, who adores being held and played with! He is 10 weeks old right now and looking for a loving forever home. We are asking $350 for him.

After that beauty I have some little darlings to introduce to you! 3 Fiery Cinnamon Eastern Rosella Chicks that I am currently still handfeeding. Handfed Rosellas make beautiful, elegant pets that are perfect for life in a smaller home. This is because Rosellas have a nice pleasant quiet voice and they don't ever scream or screech like many other birds that are of comparable size. (Unlike most conures for example... while beautiful, personable birds, conures make awful "apartment" type pets due to their extremely loud raucous calls and screams! Which they enjoy doing every morning and evening, in addition to whenever they are happy, or angry, or excited, or playing... which pretty much is most of the day!) These little Fiery Cinnamon Rosella chicks are still being handfed. They should be totally weaned (and fully feathered) in another 5 to 6 weeks! We are going to be asking $350 each for them when they are weaned.

As always if you are interested in any of these sweet parrot chicks you can contact me at the following email address:

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Lawrence said...

Hi there! How lovable they are... Just dropping by! God bless You and your birds...